Tidal Wave

by Rachel Pearl



Written by Rachel Pearl, Nicolette Hayford, Olivia Rudeen.
Produced by Aaron Krause.


Full moon, waters high
Pulls me to the darker side 
Make me feel good
C'mon baby take a dive
Rolling on your rising tide
I'm in the mood

Can't catch my breath.    
Over my head.    

I can tell you're thirsty, boy
I got what you crave
You're gonna drown in my tidal wave
Surge against the current got
the urge to misbehave
Wait til you ride my tidal wave

Floating drift wood
Break me at 100 ft
Go big then go home
Deep sea, Take me down, 
Let me feel that pressure pound
Gonna explode

Sink, swim, 
Hang 10 then do it again


BRIDGE:: Digging deeper, dirty pleasure
              Hope you find my buried treasure


released November 24, 2015



all rights reserved


Rachel Pearl Nashville

Rachel Pearl is switching things up. Such is the enigma, the phenomenon called Rachel Pearl. She has such a range of technique in her work, and is not afraid to experiment with some amazing results.

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